4 Common Mistakes that Realtors Make Regarding Online Marketing

Being a budding realtor can be extremely tough, especially when trying to make that first sale. For this reason, many realtors turn to marketing (and, lately, online marketing) to boost their visibility and become more prominent on the market, thus reaching their customers more easily. However, many realtors who start doing this are not online marketing geniuses (which is to be expected, as it is not really their job), which leaves us with a lot of marketing mistakes (and outright spam) out there in the ether of the World Wide Web.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, I’ll try to show you what not to do when it comes to online marketing. Since a lot of mistakes are made, only not doing this will boost your chances of selling a listing significantly.

Not staying up to date with the latest achievements in this sector

Online marketing is a field which changes on a regular basis. And the changes can be quite dramatic – reversing what was normal practice until that point. Following these changes and staying up to date will ensure that your online marketing campaign is conducted in the best possible manner and that no space is left for negligent mistakes.

Your website will benefit from constant updates, as well, as Google keeps track of all website activity and will naturally refer the searchers to a more recently updated website. Staying up to date means keeping track of what is considered spam and what is not, whether your site is SEO-friendly according to the latest standards, checking whether your content is original and relevant, and so on. This will also help cut the costs of marketing, because doing minor alterations costs much less than having a complete overhaul of your website.

Paying no attention to SEO

While on the subject of SEO, a lot of realtors pay little to no attention to how SEO-friendly their websites are. The websites they have were created a long time ago and simply weren’t updated during that period. This makes them appear lower in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which in turn means that they will not get the exposure to potential clients that they might need. Since the majority of people nowadays look for a new home online, this is something that simply cannot be neglected.

If you are not SEO-proficient and are confused by headings, subheadings, and all that mumbo-jumbo, you can always hire a reliable SEO company. You can find a comparison of search engine optimization services on the web, as well, and that might help you decide.

Not utilizing mailing lists to their full potential

Mailing lists are, by some, considered to be a thing of the past. Do not listen to those people. Emails are still an important way of communication and also a great source for online marketing. However, even those who realize this approach it in a completely wrong way. Sending out a lot of emails to the people in your contact list is just going to get you marked as spam or ignored, which is not the point of this kind of marketing.

Reach out to your potential customers with relevant information from the real estate world, propose the best deals that you have within your listings and keep them informed about them in a non-intrusive and non-coercive manner.  Even if one in a thousand people decides to purchase a listing because of your emails, it will still be worth it, because, as you know, emails don’t cost a thing.

Not using CRM software

CRM software is not something that people usually associate with online marketing, but more with marketing in general. However, it can find its uses in the online branch, as well. What CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software does is keeping track of all the customer data entered, arranges them, helps with customer interaction and can even automate sales and help with customer support.

All of this is really helpful when conducting Social Media Marketing campaigns, as well as help with the email marketing mentioned above. It will aid you in personalizing your responses and promotional emails to suit each person on your contact list. You can find lists with the best CRM software, so choose accordingly.

Just by implementing these four things into your online marketing campaign, you will have gained a considerable advantage over your competition, as they are almost surely doing it wrong. Make sure to keep updated on the latest news in the field, and you will start reaping rewards sooner rather than later.

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