Choosing a Letting Agent in the Bristol Area

The only problem you’re likely to encounter when it comes to choosing a Letting Agent in the Bristol area is that you are likely to be spoilt for choice.

Bristol has become a magnet for investors in a booming property to rent market. Letting Agents are therefore, unsurprisingly, not difficult to find.

  • How then to choose between Agents?

As with any business there are good, sound operators and, inevitably, a minority just in it for quick bucks.

The fact is that Letting Agents are not regulated!

However that’s not to say that Letting Agents are all morally corrupt vagabonds operating from dingy backstreet hovels. In fact quite the contrary, most Agents are out there on the main street with well-lit immaculate premises, staffed by a team of dedicated professionals … usually.

In truth any truly kosha Agent will be registered with The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) or a professional body such as – The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). So check out these credentials as a priority; nothing guaranteed but a good starting point.

So the first wise step is to approach a well-known, well established company with a sound track record, good portfolio and the appropriate affiliations.

  • Aim to employ an Agent operating in the vicinity of the property you wish to let.

This makes perfect sense; the Agent will be more able to monitor your property if it’s nearby. Effectively you and your tenant will receive a better service.

  • Here then are the top five tips to help with your initial choice:
  1. Find an agent, if you can, through personal recommendation. If you don’t know anyone with the necessary experience then consider trawling some of the numerous ‘Letting Agent’ blogs on line.
  2. Use an Agent with a track record; knowledgeable and established with a decent portfolio. Naturally the expression ‘horses for courses’ applies here; an Agent specializing in storage rentals would probably not be your fist choice for a house let.
  3. A professional appearance and a smart, tidy office are usually good signs.
  4. Aim to employ an Agent as close to your property as possible; one located close to Bristol harbour may find travelling to your property in the city centre a bit of a trial.
  5. Take your time, chat to the Agent and establish a rapport to help ensure you’re both ‘on the same page’ as to what care is expected.

The next step is to ensure that you give clear instructions; what exactly do you want your Agent to do?

  • Simply find a tenant and leave the on-going management to the landlord
  • Tenant-Find and collect rent, but leave management and other matters to the landlord
  • Take Full Management; find the tenant, and take total responsibility or all matters thereafter. Probably best choice for the more inexperienced landlord.

A professional experienced Agent will bend over backwards to accommodate your requirements. A good Agent will look after your property and the welfare of your tenant. Expect nothing less.

Finding and choosing a good Letting Agent will not be difficult, especially in the Bristol area!

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