Four Roofing Problems Often Found During Roof Inspections

Taking care of your property helps maintain its value and makes it safer for you to live in it. As part of a house’s regular maintenance, the roof should be inspected and repaired as needed. Here are four problems roofers look for during inspections.

Missing Tiles

Many pitched roofs have slate or clay tiles which can be blown off during strong storms. To prevent water from leaking into your house, any missing tiles should be replaced by a roofer. Missing tiles are often found during roof inspections, or you may see pieces of tile littering the ground where they landed and broke.

Standing Water

If your home or garage has a flat roof, then pooling water can indicate a drainage problem. When the roofer finds pooled water on the roof, they can further investigate to find the cause and fix it. Pooling water is not just a roofing problem; it can also attract insects and pests which you don’t want to have access to your home.

Improper Water Drainage

It is important to contact roofers who do property maintenance in Nottingham if water is running over the sides of your guttering. This often indicates blockages in the gutters, which need to be quickly addressed. Rainwater should drain by going down the gutter and running along the drive into the street, so the water doesn’t create problems for the house’s foundation.

Rusted Flashings

If the flashings on the roof or chimney are showing signs of rust, it could be a sign of water leaks and will need to be further investigated. Most flashings are made from galvanised steel, which can rust, but aluminium or copper flashings are available which do not rust.

Once repairs to the roof are finished, the flashings should be replaced. A roof should be inspected every year to check for damages which need to be repaired.


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