Glass Vs. Ceramic Tiles Glass

If you plan to install a new kitchen or bathroom, tiles are the most popular options and, once you have decided you want tiles, the most common materials are glass and ceramic. They all have different properties and different challenges, in this article we will talk about glass ones, with their pros, cons and challenges.

To put it in a simple way, glass tiles are made from very thin glass pieces and then some translucent glaze is fired onto the back of the tiles. These glass tiles can be sold one by one, per kg, per sqm or even in a preset mosaic. Even they can look almost the same to the uncanny eye, glass and ceramic are very different materials. In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of glass tiles.

The most noticeable advantage of glass tiles is their beauty and they can be the perfect complement to your whatever type of window blinds you have. Of course, beauty is a very personal thing and some people may argue that ceramic tiles are more beautiful. It is also a matter of brands and prices but, generally speaking, glass tiles are more beautiful because of the very wide color varieties. Their translucence is very good looking and these tiles reflect the light like no other so, when you have a kitchen or bathroom using them, will look bigger and brighter. Since it is way more recent than ceramic, glass tiles are considered modern looking and even the evolution of tiles.

Cleaning glass tiles is very easy due to their material. Mold and mildew have a hard time growing on glass so, they are not usually a problem when you are using this material. Unless you leave them years without a good cleaning, just using soapy water and a rag on them will make them shine as new over and over again. All-purpose cleaner works very well for this matter.

Class is not water absorbent. Not at all actually. Some materials are a little bit absorbent, maybe less than 1%, but still makes them to get water into them in the long run. Glass is zero percent absorbent and now water can penetrate it. It is a completely water-proof material which makes it a very good option for bathrooms for example.

Glass tiles are eco-friendly. If going green is one of your purposes, you have to go for glass tiles. They are completely recyclable and usually they are made from recycled materials. By completely recyclable we mean 100%, no less. Also, if energy usage is a concern for you, glass takes half the energy to be produced than ceramic.

Probably the biggest con of glass tiles is pricing. Actually, they are one of the most expensive materials in the market nowadays, despite being so popular. Another problem is installation, if you don’t have a professional to do it, you will end up with a botched job because if not done in a professional way, the adhesive will be visible though the tiles and this is a no-no.

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