Should You Get Wallpaper Installed in Your Home

Wallpaper is commonly used in many houses throughout the United Kingdom. It’s pasted on the walls in vertical stripes by using high-grade adhesives. Wallpaper adds a bit of uniqueness to any room, and also protects the walls from unnecessary damage. Many people refer to them as “wall coverings” as well. Wallpaper isn’t a modern invention; according to certain studies, the Egyptians were using papyrus on their walls as far back as 4,000 BC in an effort to decorate the home. In ancient China, rice paper was used back in 200 BC to decorate the walls. By the 12th century, when papermaking reached Europe, people started looking for a type of adhesive that could be used for applying the paper onto walls. This led to a drastic increase in the popularity of wallpapers.

Today, there are several different kinds of wallpaper available in the markets. Here are the most common ones:

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper

This is arguably the most common kind of wallpaper currently available in the market. It’s coated with a thin layer of PVC or acrylic vinyl, which makes it extremely easy to clean. This layer of coating prevents stains from getting embedded into the wallpaper itself. In case you throw a coloured liquid on the wall, you can simply clean it by using a wet cloth. The fact that they are so easy to maintain makes them extremely popular.


Foil wallpaper gets wrinkled pretty easily, which is one of the main reasons as to why it’s not very common. It’s mainly used by designers and artists who want to add a bit of shine to a given room, as the metallic surface of the paper provides a modern, contemporary look.

Grass Cloth

Grass cloth wallpaper is weaved by using long strands of grass. It’s relatively difficult to remove after the initial installation, although it provides a unique touch due to its distinctive texture.


Embossed wallpaper is extremely easy to clean and relatively easy to mount, and this wallpaper can hide any imperfections that may be on the walls. It can be painted with different colours and veneers to give off a stylish, personalised outlook.

Why Purchase Wallpaper?

Discount wallpaper is readily available in the home improvement market nowadays. There are hundreds of retailers that are currently selling different kinds of wallpaper. There are many reasons as to why you should choose wallpaper for your house. For starters, it improves the aesthetic appeal of any place, elevating it from the original, bland colours to a unique landscape or patterned design.

Secondly, wallpaper can increase the resale value of your property as well. If you decide to sell your house in the future, the buyers are likely to pay more if you have expensive wallpaper installed in every room. Many people are generally worried about maintaining wallpaper. However, if you choose simpler options such as vinyl coating, you don’t need to worry about maintenance all that much. Most companies that sell wallpaper also offer free installation. You can set the date and time, and the company will send over a team to paste the wallpaper throughout the house for you.


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